1. I have never done yoga before. What class should I start with?
    The beginner classes are on Saturday (both locations) at 11:30. This is not a hot class and is also good for pregnant women
  2. How does the "40 days for $40.00" deal work?
    It is a one time purchase. You can purchase at any time you want to take part of this deal. You have 40 days from the date of purchase to do an unlimited amount of yoga at both locations.
  3. All classes are hot, power vinyasa flow classes. EXCEPT Friday's 12pm Yin Yoga at the downtown location and the beginner classes on Saturdays.

    Also, a good class for beginners and pregnant women is the Dharma 1 class (See class descriptions).
  4. How many classes do I have on my package? You can text this question for the quickest response at 407-719-0101.
  5. Are there any extensions, holds or can I share my classes with another student?
    We are sorry, but there are no holds on packages, extensions and 1 package per student please. However, our policy is: if your package (such as a 10 class pack) expires before you have used them, we rollover what you don't use.
  6. Can I use my package at both locations?
  7. We rent mats 1.00, and sell waters 1.00.
  8. Do you offer a free yoga class for the first time?
    Our discount rates are every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday ALL DAY for 10.00. Regular rate is 15.00

    Also, read about our "40 days for $40.00" deal.
  9. If you are unable to find your questions on the website please call: